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Frequently Asked Questions

The Lean Snack nutrition bars are tasty treats made from real food. The combination of oats, nuts, and fruits give you the perfect snack to satisfy your hunger and keep you nourished. The bars do not contain any refined sugars or added preservatives. So do not hesitate, take your fill and share away

The Lean Snack nutrition bars use 100% natural ingredients that are real foods you know and use. The bars do not contain any refined sugars, and use honey and jaggery to give you a sweet flavor. The saturated fat content in our bars is well within the limits unlike in processed foods like biscuits, chips and other Indian sancks. Our recipes are much research and developed to make sure you get all the macros (protein, carbs and fats) in additionn to essential vitmanins and minerals, making a perfectly balanced snack. This will not be case with most of the snacks/foods available in stores today.

We are not currently promoting our snacks with organic certification. We are committed to source and invest in 100% natural high quality premium ingredients. We are always working closely with all our suppliers to maintain the standards that align with our brand identity.

All of our fruit and nut based products contain honey, as we do not use any kid of refined sugars. Honey may not comply with some vegan diets. Our chefs are working hard and we will be coming up with vegan bar very soon.

The sugar content across all of our snacks range between 4-8 grams. We are commited to creating our snacks with no refined sugars or artificial sweetners. Our best selling The Lean Snack Cranberry & Seed bar contains 5 grams of sugar or less per serving, derived from honey, jaggery and the fruit itself.

Honey and Jaggery. Honey has low glycemic index (GI) than refined sugar. This means honey does not raise your blood sugar levels as quickly as Sugar. Further jaggery and honey contain minerals like iron, phosphorous and calcium. Jaggery is the unrefined version of the whole sugar produced from sugarcane juice. You should try and replace refined sugar with honey or jaggery in your daily diet as well, though diabetics still need to consult their doctor making the switch.

The Lean Snack nutrition bars are designed and developed to be healthy and balanced snack bars. They contain around 3 gm of protein, the perfect amount needed in a snack. Moreover, the protein in the bars comes from all natural sources like oats, and nut.

The idea behind building The Lean Snack was to make healthy EASY and FUN. You can carry the bars with you anywhere you go and can be consumed at any time. Be it during your commute to work, when on vacation, pre/post workout, breakfast and in-between your major meals.

We accept all credit/debit cards and also UPI, Paytm, PayU and other wallets.

If your near by super market store doesn’t carry your favorite Lean Snack, we recommend that you request it through the store manager. Please feel free to provide us with the store and location, so we can forward this on to our sales team for further investigation. And remember, you can always order from!

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Our idea behind The Lean Snack was to make healthy easy and fun. Our newsletters contain free diet and workout plans curated to our subscribers by nutritionists and trainers. Also, you will have access to exclusive offers and options to pre-order our latest snacks.

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