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Yes, healthy can be handy

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Energy bars are healthy - The Lean Snack

(Energy or nutrition or protein or health) Bars have been around for many years. There are more and more varieties and types coming up for different audiences. Yet, people still do not really know if they are healthy. Well, just like most other foods, nutrition bars have come a long way in becoming more healthy and real. 

The Lean Snack bars, for instance, are made of real wholesome ingredients that you can read and understand. The market for nutrition bars in just picking as lifestyles become faster and the need for healthy options increase. Nutrition or protein bars definitely come in handy when you are low on energy, mid-day or late night or travelling.

The current market space is filled with ‘Health snack Options”. High Protein Diets, Energy Bowls, Muesli and Granola Bars are available almost everywhere you look. They are all processed and loaded with refined sugars. All you need to do is turn back and read. Most of the bar brands offer sugarless options when in reality they use Sugar alcohols or substitutes like sucrose. Sugar alcohols are laxatives, remember. They might not be suited for everyone.

The idea behind The Lean Snack was born due to this exact problem we faced ourselves; trying to find something healthy that is ready-to-eat at any time, anyplace. We want to make sure that India eats natural and non-processed food. Stock our bars and you will never regret. They are perfect for travel and will never let you compromise on health and your overall well being.

Having bars handy has many advantages and few can be read, scrolling down.

Break Fast with The Lean Snack Bars

So you have to catch the 8 AM metro/cab/bus for work and have no time to make breakfast? You think that you can grab something from the closest McDonalds or at your cafeteria and life will be easy. Easy for sure, but what about your health? Try and not have anything processed at least at the start of your day.

Get real proteins, fibre and energy that you would require to get through the day and be at your peak performance.

We are right here to make your life both easy and healthy.

Why? Because the exciting variants of the Lean snack bars are full of natural proteins, an important amount of natural fibre from oats and heart-healthy fats from seeds. All the ingredients are 100% natural.

Get the boost of energy from Oats, and fruits, pair it with a glass of milk or yoghurt and you are golden!

Our bars are developed to be a well-balanced snack that gives an energy boost that lasts longer so you do not feel like eating anything unhealthy. So if you are planning to skip your meal for time being, our bars come handy which will keep you full for a good amount of time (Oats, Nuts and Seeds are very filling and provide satiety) till you get to sit and have a proper full meal.

Late Night Hunger Pangs

Do you have that assignment due for tomorrow or that office presentation for that deal? Invading the late night fridge is not sensible. Even if you try and eat healthy all through the day, the late night slice of a cake or Maggie will take you a few steps back for sure.

How often have you seen a snack that is full of health, nutrient dense and made up of only real ingredients?

The Lean snack bars are made up of less than 5 ingredients per bar and the ingredients are sourced from the best of the places. Another great USP of our bars is that they are baked and no other artificial additive or preservatives are added to it. We developed them in four delicious flavours so you do not compromise on health, taste or fun.

With zero added refined sugar, these honest bars are perfect as a dessert after your dinner also.

You can stock our bars and we assure you they will be your healthy buddy during late night works and keep you satiated and happy.

Why compromise on Health when our bars can be this tasty :) 

keep snacks with you all times

Travel makes your mind brighter and hearts wiser

Travel is Life! Be it inside a cab in the city or otherwise.

The only downside of the whole travel part is the long hours we spend travelling and non-availability of healthy foods.

Everyone travels for work; vacations or visiting home– Does that mean we have to let go of health? Compromise on our bodies and eat whatever the city has to offer? No, stock up!

Make sure to check anything you buy for sugar alcohols (sorbitol, maltitol, or any such ‘ols), mostly present in sugar-free products. They are natural, but they are also laxatives. Not something you would want, especially when travelling.

Well, we do want you to try and eat the authentic local food of the new place but if not, try and have our bars handy. The biggest problem we all face is that we don’t get healthy food and we often cannot control what we put in our bodies.

They are also perfect as a pre-workout snack bar and will give you immense energy when you are working on your body. Post workout, you can add in a few almonds, your regular whey protein to make the perfect post workout shake. Oh, we cannot wait to workout now! :P

With zero refined sugars or sugar alcohols; the sweetness from natural sources like dates, jaggery and honey – you will come back for more we promise.

Feel free to read our ingredients panel and compare them with what the market has to offer. With so many bars claiming to be full of protein, caffeine for endurance and supplements to boost your performance – We are a 100% honest brand that makes our bars with Real Ingredients, Passion and Love.

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