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What Women Need

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Happy Rakshabandhan The Lean Snack

The responsibility of a family demands a lot of work and is a tedious everyday task. Along with that comes the pressure to stay and maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle. Remember, if you have kids, it is on you to set a good example when it comes to food habits. Inside a family, we will particularly talk to about the Queen of the household.

Women have slightly different nutritional requirements compared to men, though a balanced diet is universal. 

Most women tend to neglect their dietary needs. Adhering to crash diets that give short-term results and long-term side effects is not advisable.

A nutrient dense diet can also support the various stages of a woman’s life. It can boost fertility, make nursing easy, reduce PMS symptoms and keep the bones strong; which have been a leading cause of joint pains in women after the age of 40 years.

The Lean Team, dedicate this newsletter especially for the women in our lives and assure that committing to a nutritious and healthy diet will help you look great all the time and can enjoy the maximum out of life.

Why are the nutritional requirements are different for men and women?

When growing up, the dietary needs of a boy and girl are largely similar. Post-puberty women start developing a unique nutritional requirement. As the body ages and goes through e hormonal, emotional and physical changes, so does the nutritional needs of the body.

While the calorie requirement of women as lesser than men, they have a higher requirement of certain vitamins and minerals. Hormonal changes associated with monthly cycles, the birth of a child and menopause makes a higher risk of weak bones, anemia, and osteoporosis. This requires an intake of nutrients such as iron, magnesium, vitamin D and folates (vitamin B9).

They should aim for a balanced diet rich in all vitamins and minerals. However, there a few, women particularly need more of.

Food for Women the Lean Snack

Calcium is most important; Calcium is important to build strong teeth, nails, and bones. If the body is deficient in calcium, it will start taking calcium from bones which weaken them leading to osteoporosis. Hence for women, it is highly important to get plenty of calcium, vitamin D and magnesium in a diet.

Source of Calcium is Dairy products especially milk and yogurt, tofu, cabbage and green leafy vegetables.

Iron Is Essential; Iron creates hemoglobin that is a carrier of oxygen in the blood. It is essential for maintaining healthy nails, skin, and hair. Unfortunately, it is also the most common deficiency present in women. It can deplete your energy making you feel weak, dizzy, exhausted which impact your mood as well.

Good sources of iron are Dark Chocolate, Spinach, Chickpea, Beans, and Chicken. Adding more leafy greens in your daily diet is beneficial always.

Avoid trans fats, deep fried foods, and sugar; all are inflammatory that also breaks collagen and increase aging.

Battle bloat by cutting out salt; If you retain water and experiencing bloating, avoiding salty foods, outside dinners, and processed foods.

Cut out caffeine and alcohol.

Consider vitamin supplements; It’s always better to get the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients your body need from the real food but sometimes to compensate, a good multivitamin won’t harm.

High-quality protein; Fish, soy products, poultry, dairy, and plant-based protein sources should be consumed along with every meal.

So, with all this information, a Happy Rakshabandhan :) Change the thought, not the tradition.

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