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Rain rain rain

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Keep Calm and enjoy the rains

Monsoons are here and like you even we crave rich, warm food. Along with this beautiful weather comes a lot of infections and ailments. This makes the rainy seasons the most dreaded. Immunity rising foods are a must to be incorporated in your daily diets to stay warm and enjoy the rains.

Our in-house Nutritionists have some wonderful advice to share with all of you.

In the rains, boosting the immunity with some superfoods especially for this season is a must. The young ones catch the most infections and this is not good in the long run. Staying warm and eating the right food is a must. Vegetables, Whole Grains, and Fruits are a must for the daily diet and not to eat anything from outside such including cut fruits from the vendors on the street. Vitamin C rich fruits such as mangoes, oranges, and cranberries should be consumed on daily basis.

In the rains salads, sprouts and soups are great food options. They are nutrient dense, digestible with no fat and very fewer calories.

rainy foods

What to eat!?

  • Easily digestible foods should be eaten as our metabolism slows down during this season.
  • No matter how much a piping hot plate of pakodas attract you along with an aromatic cup of tea, avoiding it is better and having boiled food is always a much healthier option.
  • Eating a lot of light food is a great way to lose weight and stay lean during the rainy seasons.
  • Condiments such as cumin, turmeric, and clove should be part of your meals for better digestion and antioxidants.
  • Healthy fats are always great to stay heart healthy and lowering cholesterol. Have a spoon of ghee!
  • A handful of dry fruits such as dates, almonds and cashew and seeds such as pumpkin, sunflower, and chia are great omega 3 rich foods along with antioxidants and proteins.
  • Warm, green and herbal teas are the best. They detox your system, increases metabolisms and so full of anti-oxidants.
  • Pack up a lot of protein in your diets such as oats, dairy, and eggs.

Stock up healthy snacks in your cupboard such as our whole ingredient Lean Snack Nutrition bars with fruits and Oats.


  • Do not indulge in a lot of fried and spicy foods. Water retention is a big problem during the monsoons. One should try and avoid salty foods also which also affects blood pressures and cause lethargy and tiredness.
  • Stay away from sugary and synthetic beverages that have a lot of artificial flavors and colors.
  • Avoid eating from outside especially from the streets as infections will be on a rise.

the zero regret


  • For cold and flu, boil water with ginger and turmeric to build immunity and avoid infections.
  • Consume tulsi, honey, and ginger for staying warm and immediate detox.
  • Essential oils such as eucalyptus are great for adding in warm water and inhaling. It cleanses the system from the inside.
  • Herbal teas can be made cool by adding mints and lemon and drink in place of lemonades and ice teas.
  • Boil neem leaves and take a bath to avoid infections and cure skin allergies.

Stay Connected with the Lean Team for more such Information. Enjoy your Rains :)


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