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New Month, new beginnings

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The Lean Snack new month new beginnings

Pre-Workout: Protein = Carbs!

Nutrition is very important around your workouts; be it lifting or strength training. The right nutrition around your workouts has amazing results rather than just workout.

Eating carefully during the training sessions is an art more than anything. If one eats too little calories, your muscles will starve. If you eat too many calories, you will gain weight in no time.

Your pre-workout meal should essentially be a combination of protein and carbs. Carbs to provide the energy to achieve maximum performance and elevates the yield results, while the protein goes into the build and repair of the muscle in action. The ideal pre-workout meal should be had an hour before the workout.

Pre-workout meals are as important as post workouts. A lot of fitness enthusiasts give a lot of attention to post workout meals which are protein rich and easily digested but not to pre-workout snacks. They are super important for your body to be in a muscle building state.

Pre and Post workout foods

Post workout: Protein > Carbs

After lifting, it is very important that you fuel your body to build your muscles and also recover from the muscle wear and tear and avoid fatigue. 

The glycogen levels in the body get depleted after the workouts so it is super important to consume a post workout meal. Carbohydrates are a great source of energy and restoring the glycogen levels. Protein shakes after workouts like whey protein are widely used. Whey is perfect because it is a vegetarian source (derived from milk) and is the most digestible and natural.

Not eating right post your workout will make your performance suffer, you will lose muscles and also your gains will not be as structured as you would expect.

Ideal post workout again is a combination of carbs and proteins but with more weight to protein. 

In a simple language - Eating after the post workout will break down protein better in your body and push it to your muscles.

The Lean solutions!

Few recipes/foods for pre and post workout:

  • Banana (fruit, carb source) and Peanut butter (protein source) on a multigrain bread slice
  • Egg Whites and Multi-Grain /Whole Grain Bread 
  • The Lean Snack Nutrition Bars + Scoop whey + water  (blended)

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