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Lean is IN, so are Carbs!

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Staying fit in today’s busy lifestyle is probably the hardest thing to do EVER. No matter how many resolutions we make every year or how many motivating wallpapers we save on our cell phones, with so many distractions and new chains popping up it is no child’s play. We are here to give you some quick and easy tips that will not only help you shed those extra kilos but will also make you feel fitter and a lot healthier.
You can thank us later ☺
Eat MORE Carbohydrates
Yes! You heard that right. Most often we ditch carbohydrates aka our good old chapatti and other carbohydrates thinking, this is the only reason we are gaining weight. False !!!
'Complex' Carbohydrates are full of fiber and proteins. For losing weight, these two components are the most essential. Proteins are the basic building blocks of our bodies which provide lean muscles and Fibre helps cleanse your system, increases metabolism and aids in digestion.
Good Ol' Oats.
Insoluble fiber know as Beta - Glucan helps lower cholesterol and helps manage weight. It is found only in Oats which also contains close to 14 grams of protein per 100 grams. Such a cool source of protein and fiber right. Hence, our decision to make our Lean Snack bars from good ol' Oats.
Incorporating these carbohydrates in your daily diet will help manage weight, stay energetic and also are great sources of daily fiber (25-35 grams/day).
Other Sources of complex carbohydrates other than Oats are Quinoa, Millets, Brown Rice, and Amaranth
With The Lean Snack, healthy is now EASY and FUN!
Go ahead, order your source of energy and fiber, that you can have at any time and any place. Welcome to a lean life :) 

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