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Kings Never Die, champion your breakfast!

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The Lean Snack Breakfast Quote

 After a nights sleep your body is looking for energy sources in the morning. The body metabolism is the most active in the morning and your body can digest a big meal like a pro. No wonder, all the celebs, and sports people eat a plate full for their breakfasts and get all the energy in the world to face the day.

Taper your meals for a better metabolism and Healthier you.

Importance of Breakfast

Steady Energy = Being Active :

The happy hormones known as endorphins are released and having a good diet assists its function. The role of a good diet is often associated with the release of hormones, better metabolism, and slow releasing energy. Breakfast should always contain food groups such as complex carbs like whole grains that help fuel you through the whole day. A start with clean nutrition in the morning will keep active through the day and also dictate your metabolism.

Fibre = Friend

Breakfast time is an ideal meal occasion to help get in your fiber for the day. Fiber helps cleanse your system and is the primary thing that mobilizes your fat, in addition to a multitude of advantages. Whole wheat, Fruits, Vegetables, Whole Grains - Oats are a few fiber-rich foods that should have a place in your breakfast.

Muscle building = Weight management

We recommend that you add protein to your breakfast every day. Anything between 25-35% of the protein requirement for the day has to go in your breakfast. Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, tofu, eggs, pulses, dal, whey and whole grains are great sources of protein and essential amino acids. You can create easy meals, shakes or smoothies and get a good amount of your daily protein required in the morning itself.


The luxury of making and eating for a good 1hour is something that the majority of us cannot afford, especially in the mornings. BUT, do not skip breakfast. We will help you get some breakfast ideas that are EASY, TASTY, AND HEALTHY. 

  • The Lean Snack Granola Bars, yogurt, and nuts
  • Scrambled eggs on a whole wheat bread, peanut butter
  • Idli and coconut chutney, Upma
  • Besan cheela
  • Millet khichadi
  • The Lean Snack’s Nutrition bars and herbal teas/coffee
  • Nut milk such as Soy or Almond  with whole wheat cookies
  • Protein Pancakes  (Banana, Oats and Nut Milk)
  • Fruits Bowl
  • No Added Sugar Whole Wheat Cereal

Next time when you leave the house without breakfast, make sure you have your Lean Snack bars in the bag. 

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