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The Mighty India Diet

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Indian Thali The Lean Snack

There is no denying the fact that there has been a great influence from the west when it comes to diet. Millennials are following the new trends, technology and food habits with more new foods on the market.

We have engraved this thought in our heads that west is good and our roots are not. We have been born and raised eating dairy, wheat and sugar in our mithais and our ancestors have done that for a long time.

The age brackets have changed but so has our lifestyle. With no activity and sedentary work culture, we are bound to gain weight and feel lethargic all the time.

Indian food is a lot more than fatty, fried, heavy and spicy. It is a wonderful combination of flavours and aromas. Some of the following are the amazing reasons why the Indian Food is some of the best cuisines worldwide. 

  1. Indian food includes fresh and seasonal vegetables and grains. The spices which are added to the dishes helps the dish retain their nutrients and benefits.
  1. The preservatives added are all natural such as oil, jaggery or spices which have their own health benefits.
  1. Indian spices such as turmeric, ginger, garlic, coriander and chillies have healing and medicinal properties.
  1. Indian dishes are always a balanced diet as they include carbohydrates, proteins, fats and fibre.
  1. Condiments that are consumed along with the main course such as yoghurt, papad and chutneys are great digestive aids. Not only do they provide the cooling aid in the scorching Indian summers but also helps in digestion and feeling light in the stomach. The good bacteria in them keeps the digestive tract healthy along with providing the calcium required by the body. 

Indian Roti The Lean Snack

The famous celebrity Nutritionist, Dr Rujuta Diwekar states that Indian food is a complete meal in itself and we should consume what we have eaten while growing up. The seasonal vegetables and herbs have their own benefits and keep us healthy and increase our immunity.

We at The Lean Snack, are happy to provide a brief substitution of healthy food items that can be incorporated and still consume tasty Indian Food.

  • For the Carbohydrates in the meal, it is extremely easy to make healthy choices. For rice replace them with Brown Rice. They are Fibre-rich and has fewer calories than refined white rice.
  • Bulgur or Daliya makes for a wonderful and healthy breakfast meal option. It is easy to digest, filling, low in calories and helps manage weight. It is loaded with fibre. By adding a good amount of vegetables to it, it is a power packed breakfast option.
  • The Indian millets down south such as finger millets, Kodo millets, bajra, jowar, amaranth, nachni and foxtail millets are all gluten-free grain options which can be either used directly or ground into a flour and make bread, snacks and roti out of it. They are extremely healthy, vitamins and mineral rich and also a source of proteins.
  • Desi Ghee is a great source of healthy fat and helps in maintaining weight. It provides lubrication to the joints and is a great energy providing a fat source. A spoonful of desi ghee every day will only help.
  • Dals, beans such as chickpea, kidney beans and black beans are a great source of Protein and should be incorporated in everyday diet.

Some great added benefits of maintaining your weight with Indian Food is the Following :)

Indian Spices The Lean Snack

Mostly Plant-Based Diet

The Indian Diet is mostly a plant-based diet with only 10% comprising or animal-based products such as dairy. They are rich in calcium and proteins and are not dependent on animal meat. A plant-based diet has many health benefits such as avoiding heart diseases and maintaining lean body weight all through life.

The Indian diet is hugely about fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Hence, encourage weight loss and researches have also established a relationship with reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s.

Includes all Essential Food Groups

The Indian diet is rich in foods like grains, lentils, vegetables, dairy, fruits, herbs and healthy fats. The emphasis is equally given to herbs and condiments that have additional health benefits. 

Herbals teas have been a part of the Indian diet for a long time. Great Herbal Teas from regions of Assam and Nilgiris are worldwide known for health and medicinal properties. Along with being a nutraceutical, they are tasty.

Incorporating Tulsi, chamomile, jasmine and rose teas have benefits and provides cooling effects.
So do not hesitate from sitting down for your next mouth-watering thali. 

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