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How to stay healthy while travelling

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How to stay healthy while travelling The Lean Snack

It’s festive season, and we all will be travelling a lot, visiting home or a trip. It is a nightmare for people into a particular diet for a while and do not want to mess it up. 

No worries, we got solutions for you. Before we start, remember the plan is still the same, do not cross your calorie threshold. Where you get the calories from is the key when you travel.

Read on for some easy, handy and practical tips from our Lean Snack Team :)

No fast food.

Not cool to go home or a new place and order a pizza, unless it's Italy. It is hard to find something nutritious and satisfying but, try local or homemade. 

No Sugar

When you are travelling try and avoid refined sugars completely, in your coffee or otherwise. This gives you some buffer calories in case you want to indulge in some local food. Try and avoid sweets or foods that give you a lot of calories in one serving. Also, the sugary snacks make you jittery and tired.

Pro Tip: Beat the Sugar the Healthy Way. For all those people who have a sweet tooth and are often attracted by the pancakes and waffles that are loaded with syrups and ice creams, we suggest you keep a piece of dark chocolate with you all the time so that whenever you have a craving, you can beat it the healthy way.

Dark chocolate is full of antioxidants that fight the free radicals of your body and helps you stay fit. It stops ageing and also has a lot of essential vitamins and minerals.

Small Snacking

A good snack goes a long way. It can either make or break your trip. Your ideal snack should include healthy proportions of whole grains such as Oats and contains Lean Protein, vegetables and fruits.

A snack should be consumed as a snack only and not a whole meal. Stay away from processed snacks that you find everywhere such as cakes, candy and chips. Instead of loading up on the fibre and proteins will help you stay full and also energize you.

Some of the following healthy snack options would be :

  • Whole Fruits (No Fruit Juices)
  • Unsweetened Dry Fruit
  • Vegetables and Hummus
  • Unsweetened Peanut Butter and Rice Crackers
  • Makhana
  • Whole grain biscuits and cookies (Oats, Quinoa, Amaranth or Whole Wheat)
  • Roasted Chickpea/Chane
  • The Lean Snack nutrition Bars 

Eat your greens The Lean Snack

Stay Hydrated

As we always say and believe, water is the LEANEST drink. Staying hydrating is very important because water really is the remedy for a number of health problems. Avoiding alcohol and caffeine will put you on the right track of health and fitness. Mix up your water intake as well by indulging in herbal teas, or unsweetened natural juices.

Choose Menu with Veggies and Lean Proteins

Be smart and make food choices when travelling. Just make sure your meal has protein (chicken, panner), veggies, and minimum about of carbs. Avoid fried food groups that will fill you fast without any health.

Look out for proteins such as fish, tofu, lentils and grilled chicken along with a good serving of vegetables and whole grains for carbohydrates.

When searching for Breakfast options, hard boiled eggs and whole grain toast along with dry fruits for fats.

You can also choose the good old oatmeal with a hearty serving of your favourite fruits and toppings.

If you are shopping for food : 

  1. Always Read the Labels - Check for sugar content, preservatives and chemical additives
  2. Stay away from bars that have sugar alcohols (Maltitol, Sorbitol or Erythritol), as they are also laxatives, hence not a good option when travelling
  3. Go for natural sugars like honey or jaggery in sweets or bars
  4. No Chocolate is Healthy Except Dark Chocolate
  5. Stock up on different herbal teas such as Green, Rose, Chamomile and Ginger. They are high in antioxidants and keep you hydrated also.

Stay Active:

If you can exercise even for 30mins that is great. If not, try and walk as much as possible. Trek, Surf, Play. Stay active through the day and get your good hours of sleep as well. 

Remember, travel is healthy for the body and mind, and food should only be an enabler and not the other way around. Stay safe and Happy Travels :)

 PS: #ZeroRegret

The Lean Snack Travel is healthy

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