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FREE: The World's Leanest Diet Chart

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75% diet 25% exercise

We have discussed macros, sugars, and snacks as well in our previous pots. Now with that information, let us make your life easier.

We all know that our average calorific requirement in a day is around 2000 calories. From where you get these calories is where the smart work lies. You can have a lean snack bar, in between your breakfast & lunch, and lunch & dinner. 

A solution that we came up with is to first equip you with the right foods, which will not only get you the macros but also the essential nutrients and minerals required through the day.

Voila, The Leanest diet plan

The Lean Diet Plan

Note: These foods are suggestions in general and of course the list is not limited to these. So let's expand on it. Share with us what you think should be added!

We made a list of foods for you to choose from when you next go grocery shopping or planning for a meal anytime. 

All you have to do is, make sure every major meal of yours is a combination of the foods shown, with quantity preference shown by the size of the plate in the image.

Once you get into the habit of eating these whole and real foods, you can customize it specifically for yourself very easily. Don’t worry we will get there too.

Try it for 30 days!

The Lean Diet chart is where you get to the basics. Save the image on your phone or desktop and make sure your meal has ingredients from each of the plates listed above.

For instance, at the office, you can have palak chicken (protein, veggies & fats covered) with roti or brown rice (carbs), with a side of salad, made of fruits.

No fads, simple real food. You WILL feel better and you will be healthier. Try to stick this principle for 30 days and let us know.

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