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Explaining Fad Diets

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Say no to FAD diets

Our sedentary lifestyle is a major reason why so many of us want to come back on our ideal weight. So many fad diets, books, Instagram models and bloggers that motivate all of us to look a certain way. Unfortunately, not all of them are authentic or certified to advise on nutrition.

The internet is full of ways to lose weight, crash diets that help to lose up to 10 kgs which are not healthy. We at The Lean Snack will help you to with some basics of clean eating to include in your lifestyle. Remember, fitness is not a destination it is a lifestyle.

What is a diet?

We don’t realize how important it is to stay on a fit side. Being heavy increases the chances of chronic disease. Type 2 Diabetes and heart diseases are some of the problems that occur due to putting those extra kilos.

A lot of magazines and newspapers shout at the ill effects of weight but no one provides a solution for the long run. It's simple, eat smart, healthy and not running after the latest diets.

The thumb rule is to eat fewer calories than you were eating initially and not drink beverages that are sugary or alcohols. An average male and female in India require around 2400 and 2200 calories respectively to stay healthy. There are other factors are involved to maintain that ideal weight based on lifestyle, age, and gender. An active lifestyle easily helps to lose that weight.

What is a “Fad’ Diet?

A fad diet is the one which is based on just assumptions and is not backed up by science. It promises to help you lose weight quickly. We all know that claims that they have lost weight in a month up to 10 kgs or so. All of this is called a fad diet that claims rapid weight loss. Usually, these diets suggest to cut down a particular food group from your diet completely. Such drastic measures cause a loss of energy and dizziness.

Fad diets are not Vegan diets. The vegan diet is a complete diet in itself and the vegans can reap all the nutrients from the plant source including proteins and calcium.

The side effects of “Fad/Crash” Diet:

  • Loss of nutrients when we are restrictive and leave out a complete food group (Ex in Keto diet, only 30-40 grams of carbs are allowed. This ultimately leads to loss of fiber consumption and problems such as bloating, lower abdomen pains and loss is appetite are seen)
  • Rapid weight loss is only temporary due to loss of water and muscle
  • Feeling of craving all the time and when you eat you will eat up eating a lot more calories than regular.
  • Body Disorders such as Anorexia
  • Lose of Lean Muscle 
  • Lower Bone density because of less calcium
  • Dizziness
  • Headaches
  • Feeling tired all the time
  • Low Energy for everyday task
  • Stomach discomforts such as bloating and leads to constipation.
  • Lower body temperature leads to feeling colder.
  • Hairfall
  • Pale Skin

 Let us give you some clarity here.

How to Spot a Fad/Crash Diet?

  • Detox Diets
  • The raw food diet
  • Cutting out sugar
  • Drinking meal replacement shakes
  • Following a low carbohydrate/ high-fat diet
  • That involves pills and supplements of any kind
  • Promotes rapid weight loss (Without the supervision of a doctor or a dietician)

Lose weight healthy way

How to lose the weight the right way with us :)

The focus here should be on a healthy lifestyle with plenty of water consumption (after all we are made up of 60% water), exercise and a balanced diet.

The following food groups must be added to your daily diet :

  • Vegetables - Spinach, Kale, and Cauliflower
  • Fruit - Oranges, Berries, and Banana
  • Whole Grains - Oats, Quinoa and Brown Rice
  • Lean Protein - Eggs, Tofu, Grilled Chicken and Soya.
  • Dairy Products - Milk, Yoghurt, and Cheese.
  • Healthy Fats - Almonds, Nuts, and Seeds

Tips for maintaining weight by our Nutrition Team.

  • Exercise for 40-60 minutes every day
  • Eat plenty of Fibre
  • Eat more Vegetables
  • Cut down on takeaways - eat leftovers from last night's meal instead
  • Eat regularly and plan ahead with healthy snacks- Nutrition Bars
  • Control Portion Size
  • Eat breakfast

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