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Busting Myths about Healthy Eating

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Myths about health The Lean Snack

We are here to help you separate science from all the unverified information blasted on the internet about health.

We are sure growing up some of you were told to not have Chai (Tea) or to stay away from chocolates. Not because the chocolate was fattening and tea was a dehydrator but because you might get chocolate acne or turn a complexion darker after consuming the milk tea.

Only a few years back it was clarified of zero relation between acne and chocolates or an increase in melanin after chai consumption. Myths and Misinformation go hand in hand.

This is where nutrition experts like us come in the picture.

Following are some hard, science-backed and most repeated concerns that we hear. Let’s make Nutrition easy for you so that you can live an informed and healthy life.

Eggs give you Cholesterol

You all know/told that the egg yolk has the good amount of fats. But what exactly are these fats? In an egg, you can find good 6 grams of protein that comes from egg white and close to 5 grams from the protein and fat present in the yolk. This is what makes egg a complete protein source. Eating even up to 3 whole eggs in a day by a healthy individual will cause no problem at all. The main culprits for the cholesterol are trans and saturated fats which greatly impacts in raising the blood cholesterol.

The trick here is to eat healthily and stay away from all the fatty foods and junk that you might be eating and cause an effect on your cholesterol levels.

Brown Sugar Vs White Sugar

No! Not all the things that are brown good for you. No! Brown sugar is not better than white sugar. At the end of the day, it is still sugar and it affects your blood glucose levels as the same as white refined sugar.

The only difference between brown sugar and white sugar is the processing which is not done with the brown sugar and hence the colour.

The market is full of healthy substitutes such as sweeteners, sugar-free, brown sugar, sugar lite and healthy sugar. Unfortunately, our bodies don’t see any of them any different from what they really are. They break down as glucose only in the body.

The blood glucose levels are affected in the same way and the insulin spike is the same as well. They affect the satiety hormones and triglycerides. It is equally bad if not better than the table sugar.

A recent study has suggested that consuming a heavy amount of artificial sweeteners, especially the ones which are synthetic have issues such as fatty liver, insulin, diabetes and heart diseases. The reality is that our bodies are not designed to handle these artificial ingredients which contain no nutrients and fibre.

We suggest consuming pure sources of sugar such as Coconut sugar, Honey, Palm Sugar, Dates and Jaggery and Sugarcane juice in its purest form.

Carbs will make you Fat

Carbs don’t make you fat. Eating too many calories make you fat.

If you load sugary and refined carbs foods such as pasta, bread and pizza, it can definitely develop health problems such as diabetes and heart diseases. But if you also ignore the “Good Carbs” such as Whole grains - Oats and Quinoa, beans, nuts, fruits and vegetables, you are ruining your main source of body fuel including fibre and important nutrients. A low carb diet will affect your overall efficiency and will make you feel weak and lethargic for your work out sessions.

Low carb diets are restrictive and can make you lose weight fast but when you start eating carbs again they make you put on weight extremely fast also.

Eating at night will make you Fat

Calories are plain calories and it really does not matter when you eat them. The idea behind this myth is that people tend to not do any physical activity at night and find it easier eating nothing or fewer calories. This is not a healthy practice and can be cut down.

We want you to start with soups and salads and start going for a small walk after that. After this habit is formed, you can start to increase calories intake.

Try to have a small walk and have your food at least 2 hours before you hit the bed.

Good food that you do not eat enough The Lean Snack

Avoid Food Groups such as Gluten and Dairy

This appears to be a recent fad. Everyone thinks that they are suffering from one “Allergy” to another when in reality they have no claim supporting it.

Some may really have this diversion from certain food groups such as celiac disease where a person cannot consume gluten or are medically lactose intolerant where the food group is dairy. They have medical claims to support but not everyone should be leaving these groups. In the long run, one will miss out on a lot of nutrition.

No scientific study shows that food allergies like these cause weight gains. Cutting out on these food groups will only help you lose weight initially because you are cutting down calories.

Juicing is a great way to lose weight

A common mistake is to resort to juices when you want to have something healthy. The side effects of these are the following

  • The slow gut effect

  • No Fibre

  • No sense of Calories

  • A lot of Sugar

  • Gets hungrier again

It is true that fruit juices are a great way to uptake the essential nutrients that boost immunity but depending on it solely for health is wrong while being ignorant of the amount of sugar that is packed in a glass or bottle. You have never eaten 4 apples in one go, did you?

Supplements are just Fad

The following are the reasons that in today’s time it is important to take supplements

  • Food Quality has declined

  • Fewer Nutrients are absorbed when you age

  • Not all nutrients are available from the regular diet so it is important to get them from other sources

We agree that supplements cannot substitute real food but it’s good to get some nutrients that cannot be taken from the real food. At least, get to know what you are lacking in your diet and supplement just them.

All Oils are Bad

No, oils are not bad. The only reason people think oils are bad because they associate oils with heart disease and weight gain which is very misinformed.

Consumption of good oils is great for good skin, joint lubrication and a healthy heart. Some good oils to be consumed are Coconut oil, Olive oil and good old Desi Ghee. More importantly, keep changing and try to include all of them.

So, we hope you had a few myths of your own busted. It is always healthy to learn and educate ourselves. Further, you are safe with us, go ahead and order The Lean Snack nutrition bars to have health always with you :)

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